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    Sponsors are remarkably wise and kind people who have contributed money to help defray the costs of generating clear sky charts from CMC data. They have my deepest thanks:

    Hans Flaatrud
    Jnani Cevvel
    Bob Taylor
    Winer ObservatoryRASC Ottawa CentreDr. John Sohl
    Kevin Abeln

    Putman Mountain Observatory
    DarkRangerTelescopeTours.comDave EricksonSouthern Maryland Astronomical Society
    Dick Post
    Dr. Barbara G. Harris
    Gregg H SchultzTim Povlick
    Santaluz Observatory
    Eric Rachut
    Paul DawsonTim KearsleyAmateur Telescope Makers of Boston
    Ralph S. MillerRoger AppeldornJoel E. Guthals
    Joseph & Amy GallowayMichael RudySkiPi Online Observatory
    Eric Buehrens
    In memory of Charlie Brown - Patrick J. Madden
    A University for Life Skills
    Matrix Engineering, Inc
    Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Electrical Engineering
    Jerry SpevakDelaware Valley Amateur Astronomers

    Charlotte Amateur Astronomers Club
    Sponsored by the free Minecraft modpack: GT New Horizons
    Leo Taylor
    George Palermo
    Sola Virtus Observatory
    Rob & Theresa BritschgiLiz MartinRobert Martin Ayers
    Science Fund

    Michael A. Covington, writer
    Birmingham Astronomical Society
    Frank WillburnYan Sun
    Gary SpiersClyde MillerNew Mexico Skies, Inc.
    Steven D.
    intimate wedding venues Brisbanehome roofing Brisbane
    Audie HickeyRalph E. TaggartActon Sky Portal
    finger food catering BrisbaneJim MazurHonoring the ongoing contributions of Dr. Alvin Ureles

    Chapel Hill Astronomical and Observational Society
    Naperville Astronomical AssociationPatrick Manley
    The Dilly Hill ObservatoryJacques LesageGloucester Area Astronomy Club
    Arrowhead Astronomical Society (Duluth,MN)Bert StevensChippewa Valley Astronomical Society
    David M. DouglassJeffrey Lowe
    Lee & Gail Davidson
    in memory of
    L. Nevil Davy
    Valley of the Moon Observatory AssociationPhilip MasseyTodd Kunioka
    Cincinnati Astronomical SocietyRiverside Astronomical SocietyKlaus Peltsch
    and the
    Algoma Area Astronomers

    East Valley Astronomy Club and The Saguaro Astronomy Club
    Fremont Peak Observatory Association
    David OesperDeerfield Observatory
    State College PA
    Dan Richey
    Humane Animal Hospital
    North Shore Erie Amateur Astronomers
    Mark Hanning-LeeToney BurkhartRichardSchulz
    Charlie MillerIn memory of Maurice L. Battin, Jr.Online Slots Australia
    Best Online Pokies AustraliaOnline Pokies AustraliaDaniel Winn
    Sonoma County Astronomical Society
    Oregon Star Party CommiteeRay Bertuccipersonal injury attorney los angeles
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    Tax Accountants SydneyJohn Goar of
    Sky Hound Observatory

    RASC Toronto Centre
    Wayne Frey
    Bonebrake Center of Nature and HistoryWard Lake ObservatoryPhillip V. Virden
    Dave HasenauerDave & RobertIn Focus Astronomy
    Shneor ShermanJane Houston Jones and Morris jonesKim Pauly
    Michael Toomey
    Friends of Ritter Observatory
    "Sky Ranger"
    Thomas Walker
    Horace Smith
    RASC Halifax Centreuudetkasinot.comStuart Levy
    Fred CollisonRhonda WeeksBrad Walter
    CannaBiDog CBD For DogsStephen CraigSuper Sweep Street Clean and Power Sweeping
    SkyShack Observatory

    MedoMak Family Camp & Retreat Center
    Bob Hillier
    Karen Miller SLCDave ReeseDavid Young
    Walt LickteigBruce WaddingtonBob White
    Gîte touristique Les Trois ÉtangsAbolfath Hidaji
    Williamson Backyard ObservatoryDan FennessySave Mount Diablo
    Howie & DebbieOscar Echeverri
    Ian Zedalis
    Mark CroomAlbany Area Amateur AstronomersJohn Downie
    Dmitri SemenovHarvard Optical SETIJohn Garlisch
    Graham BlakeFAR Laboratories

    Salt Lake Astronomical Society
    Buffalo Astronomical AssociationNight Skies Network
    J PerezMichael Vander Vorst for the San Diego Astronomy AssociationIsland County Astronomical Society
    avertedimagination.comJohn BensonAndy Schlei
    In memory of my beloved Marty. I know you created a galaxy from the light within your heart. I'll see you on the other side of the stars. All my love, DianneEyepiecesEtc.comSteve Sells
    Steve QuigleyJoseph ComeauAvery Willard
    Tony O'KeefeWalnut Canyon Cabins
    Emilio RobauJohn & Cathy MooreTim Brown
    Remembering Eric EddisonGene and Charlotte Dupree
    Michael RosolinaDave LoPresti
    Jim DavisCharles S MorrisTom Neville
    Souder PropertiesLizzy Neal, Aspiring AstrophysicistBuddy, the Cat

    Astronomical Society of Northern New England
    Northern Cross Science FoundationPatrick Dufour
    Robert & Elaine WhiteBob PittJohn W. Bannen
    Project PANOPTESDoug WinnerDiego Gomez
    Martin FlynnMike LewisMartin Wilson
    A member of the Imperial Polk Astronomical Society.Bob StoffregenSwampRats
    Tom & Teri QuinnC. E. Steuart DewarAustin Astronomical Society
    Dan & Reba FischerPhilip W. DavisDonald Golden
    UberclockCharts in ExcelDan Gray
    Tri-Valley Stargazers Astronomy ClubDenny MorseJerome Hollon
    Allan FenskeTang DaweiDave Kazala
    Andre VaillancourtDavid GleitBenzene the Cat
    Jamie KernSue and Alan French

    Why be a sponsor?

    Aside from knowing that you're helping north-american astronomers observe more often and the sheer joy of altruism, it gives me an opportunity to thank you in some small ways.

    It seems appropriate to me to give more computing resources to sponsored charts -- after all, sponsors are helping to pay precisely for that.

    It currently takes about two hours for me to update all chart pages after a CMC forecast update. I update the sponsored charts first. In the event of a system or hardware failure, I may only be able to update sponsored charts until I can make repair. Some cpu-intentensive features, like the climate/history pages, I only do for sponsored charts.

    What does sponsorship pay for?

    More importantly, sponsorship does not pay for the basic data from which I generate the charts. That data is offered to everyone for free by the Canadian Meteorological Centre though their public web page.

    Sponsorship does reduce some of the costs of internet access, web hosting, computers, software development and caffeine that I use to generate clear sky charts.

    How to be a sponsor.

    No amount is too small. I list sponsors for about a week per us dollar of sponsorship. (I ask more from commercial sponsors and do more for commercial sponsors. Email me for details.)

    There are two ways to sponsor:

    • Mail me a check. Please do not use the address printed in the February 2004 issue of Sky & Telescope page 69; it is wrong even with Stuart's correction. Instead, please Email me for the correct snail mail address. US dollar and personal checks are fine. Note that postage to me from the USA is us$1.15 and from Canada is can$0.85. A check gets the greatest amount of your sponsorship to me but is slow.

    • Or click on a button below to send money from your Paypal account or credit card.

      Non-Canadians please use: US Dollars

      Canadians Please use: Canadian Dollars

    In either case, let me know:
    1. what name you'd like credited on this page. I can also link your web page, if you like.
    2. The names of any clear sky chart pages you'd like your sponsorship to be acknowledged on.
    I always acknowledge receipt with an email.

    How much does it cost?

    There is no minimum sponsorship amount. I am greatful for any support. I also do not send past sponsors follow-up emails asking for more money.

    But to be fair to all sponsors, I acknowledge sponsors on this page, and on chart pages they've chosen to support, for a time proprotional to their sponsorship.

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