Canada/USA Astronomical Seeing Observation Program

Astronomical-Seeing Observation Details

1. Observer
Morgan Renner
2. Site
N44.05 W108.58 (N4403' W10834')
3. Scope
10 inch F/5.0 Mirror. Open top. Open bottom. Fan cooled: Yes.
4. Time
2003-03-11 08:30:00 MST (GMT -7)
2003-03-11 15:30:00 UTC
5. Observing Conditions
159X. 70.0 up. Was cooling for 1h40m.
Appearance of out-of-focus star: Waves zipping across aperture
6. Seeing Observation
Star Image II (2 out of 5)
8. Comments5-10 mph surface winds.
Temp. 44 deg F. Very warm nite.
Very sunny day-lots of surface heating.
Poorest seeing of any observing session at my site this winter.
Date Entered2003-03-13 17:20:16 UT

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