Canada/USA Astronomical Seeing Observation Program

Astronomical-Seeing Observation Details

1. Observer
Gerry S
2. Site
N50.38 W97.25 (N5022' W9715')
3. Scope
6 inch F/6.0 Mirror. Closed top. Closed bottom. Fan cooled: No.
4. Time
2002-09-13 09:00:00 GMT
5. Observing Conditions
257X. Was cooling for 6h30m.
Appearance of out-of-focus star: Waves zipping across aperture
6. Seeing Observation
Star Image II (2 out of 5)
8. CommentsThese conditions prevailed for most of an hour. At 10:00 UTC the wind died down (no more leaves rustling and conditions improved by one category (to III on the in focus scale). This lasted for approx. 5 mins and then seeing deteriorated to the previous rating (or slightly below) what was reported even though the wind did not pick back up. Curiously, the in focus image didn't look that much worse than stage II during this final stage, but the image of Saturn is noticeably worse.
Date Entered2002-09-13 15:19:57 UT

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