Canada/USA Astronomical Seeing Observation Program

Astronomical-Seeing Observation Details

1. Observer
Doug Kniffen
2. Site
N38.73 W91.22 (N3843' W9113')
3. Scope
16 inch F/10.0 Mirror. Closed top. Closed bottom. Fan cooled: No.
4. Time
2003-03-18 04:00:00 GMT
5. Observing Conditions
580X. 80.0 up. Was cooling for 4h00m.
Appearance of out-of-focus star: Steady
6. Seeing Observation
Star Image IV (4 out of 5)
8. Commentsseeing distortions must have been quite small in angular size, however the frequency of the distortions was much more rapid than the response rate of the eye since all magnifications between 150X and 580X all showed planet images exhibeting the same degree of
Date Entered2003-03-18 04:55:42 UT

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