Canada/USA Astronomical Seeing Observation Program

Astronomical-Seeing Observation Details

1. Observer
Mark O'Neal
2. Site
N39.63 W75.66 (N3937' W7539')
3. Scope
8 inch F/5.9 Mirror. Open top. Closed bottom. Fan cooled: No.
4. Time
2004-02-28 10:00:00 EST (GMT -5)
2004-02-28 15:00:00 UTC
5. Observing Conditions
120X. 90.0 up. Was cooling for 2h00m.
Appearance of out-of-focus star: Slow swirls
6. Seeing Observation
Star Image II (2 out of 5)
8. CommentsHey, I went out to look at Jupiter with the predicted Average seeing. Bummer dude it was more like Poor to Bad seeing. 120X was fading in and out of focus. Heck even the moon was fading in and out slightly at 40X. It was a very warm bright sunny day here and then a cold night so I think the warmth from the ground must be the problem.
Date Entered2004-02-29 04:03:55 UT

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